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My Place With Jesus from It Is Written

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Your Story Hour (inspirational stories for children-teens)

Tu Historia Preferida (haciendo de los niños de hoy, mejores hombres y mujeres del mañana)

Readings and Studies for the Family

EGW Estate Daily Devotional (online)   Choose your devotional      La Biblia en Audio Reina Valera

Devotional: Sons and Daughters of God Audio/PDF                      KJV Audio Bible

​Devotional: That I May Know Him          Audio/PDF                      KJV Bible Online 

​Devotional: This Day With God                Audio/PDF

​The Adventist Home                         Audio    Audio/PDF    Study Guide (PDF)

Child Guidance                                  Audio    Audio/PDF     Study Guide

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Education                                            Audio     Audio/PDF     Study Guide (PDF)

Mind, Character & Personality 1    Audio     Audio/PDF     Study Guide (PDF)

Mind, Character & Personality 2    Audio     Audio/PDF     Study Guide (PDF)

Prayer                                                   Audio    Audio/PDF      Study Guide

Sanctified Life                                     Audio   Audio/PDF       Study Guide

​Steps to Christ                                    Audio     Audio/PDF     Study Guide (PDF)

Resources for Children, Youth, Individuals, Couples, and Adults

      (GC = General Conference          NAD =North American Division)

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GC Adventist Children's Mission

GC Family Ministries for Individuals, Couples, and Children

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Resources for Children, Youth, Individuals, Couples, and Adults
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“Strong families are more likely to disciple their children in the ways of the Lord, practice faithful stewardship, and have a strong witness to share with their relatives, neighbors, and friends. We believe it is the reason Ellen White’s declaration of more than a hundred years ago is still applicable:

One well-ordered, well-disciplined family tells more in behalf of Christianity than all the sermons that can be preached’"

-Ellen G. White

Adventist Home 32

–Claudio and Pamela Consuegra,

Director and Associate Director, NAD Family Ministries

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